Open Source SQL Server Projects

These are some tools that I have developed over the years to help with my database administration duties.  I’ve decided to make them freely available on GitHub for others to download.  My hope is that you will find them as useful as I have.  I am looking forward to working with (and learning from) the SQL community on these projects! Please let me know if you are interested in contributing.


SQL Server Index Insight Scripts

A collection of scripts to use with indexes in SQL Server. This one is really just a bunch of scripts I use when working with indexes. (View on GitHub)

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SQL Server Metrics Pack

SQL Server Metrics Pack is a collection of scripts for gathering metrics from SQL Server’s underlying Dynamic Management Objects (DMOs). Since the data gathered by SQL Server’s DMOs gets cleared out with every SQL Server restart, the scripts in SQL Server Metrics Pack provide a way for you to retain that data across server restarts, allowing for historical views and long term analysis. (View on GitHub)

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SQL Server Permissions Manager

SQL Server Permissions Manager is suite of scripts that allows you to take “snapshots” of users and permissions across any or all of the databases on your SQL Server. You can then script out user permissions, restore snapshots, clone users, and more. (View on GitHub)

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