Starting A New Chapter

Today begins a new chapter in my career, and I am excited to announce that I am starting a new position as a Database Development Manager for Centauri Health Solutions!

I have to say, this move feels like a natural progression to me.  With my previous life as a developer, combined with being a DBA for the last several years, I feel that my background, knowledge, and experience will help me to lead a team of database developers, and I am really looking forward to this change.  In a way, this new role for me embodies why I started blogging and speaking at conferences: to take the database misunderstandings and mistakes I made previously as a developer, blended with my later acquired technical DBA knowledge and understanding of SQL Server, and help developers build better databases.

(Note to self: Don’t be this guy!)

This is a direction that I have been wanting to take my career for some time, and I am truly thankful for this opportunity.  Especially since this position will also allow me to continue to do some hands-on database work, which should help keep me grounded and prevent me from converting into a pointy haired boss! (not that I have that much hair any more)

I am really looking forward to this new direction.  I have no doubt that I will learn a tremendous amount from the highly skilled people that I am going to work with, and I hope to be able to bring that newfound knowledge to my blog and presentations.


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