Slides From Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016

The slides from my session, Building Better SQL Server Databases, are attached here.   As always, I try to put a good deal of content in the slides so people can download them later and have access to the details of my session, without having to try to remember everything I was saying.  Although this particular session was a little different, as the first part of the slide deck are illustrations describing buffer pool usage, page splits, and overflow pages.

If you happened to attend my session, please leave a comment below and let me know what you though. I’m always open to suggestions for improvement.

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6 thoughts on “Slides From Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016

    • Eric Cobb Post authorReply

      Thanks Spencer! I appreciate the feedback. I really enjoyed giving the session, and I had lots of great questions at the end. I hope to be back next year!

  1. Chris Dicamillo Reply

    Great session – nice wake up call for me on the impact on choosing the appropriate data types; int for age, varchar vs nvarchar, etc. Thanks for giving it.

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