Music City Data Call For Speakers

One of the conferences that I’m looking forward to this year is Music City Data, which takes place May 31-June 2, at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  I’m especially excited about this conference because it’s in “my own back yard”, so to speak, and I will be volunteering and helping behind the scenes with it.

Music City Data is part of the Music City Tech conference, a three-day event consisting of simultaneous conferences which also includes Music City Code and Music City Agile.  While the other two conferences have been around for a few years, this year will be the first year for Music City Data.  Having gone to these conferences in the past, I can tell you that they are very well done and worth attending if you’re in the area (or like to travel!).

The Call For Speakers Is Open!

We are currently looking for speakers for Music City Data. This conference focuses on “big data trends, modern data management, self-service business intelligence, and machine learning.” I will take it a step further and say that we are interested in any data related topic you may want to present on.  Whether it is around performance tuning, database design, coding, server configurations, analytics, or data governance, if you have a presentation in mind I encourage you to submit a session. The call for speakers is open already, and closes March 1st, so you need to hurry!

It’s Not Just About SQL Server!

This is not a SQL Server specific conference! We are looking for topics for any data platform.  Oracle, Postgres, Hadoop, MongoDB, CosmosDB, MySQL, NoSQL, and others are all welcome! This is a DATA conference, not a vendor specific conference.  I promise not to make fun of your DB platform if you won’t make fun of mine!

Three For The Price Of One!

Since this conference is part of the Music City Tech event, if you attend Music City Data as a speaker or attendee, you also get access to attend any of the sessions at Music City Code (which is developer oriented), and Music City Agile (which is centered…Agile).  So, you get three conferences for the price of one!

Sponsorships Are Also Available!

You don’t have to be a speaker to be part of Music City Tech.  If you or your company would like to be a sponsor, there are still sponsorship opportunities available.  Be sure to check out the Sponsor Prospectus for more information.

Regardless of whether you go as a speaker, sponsor, or attendee, I look forward to seeing you there!


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