Music City Data 2019

For the second year in a row, I am happy to be working as part of the team putting together the Music City Data conference in Nashville, TN. Music City Data (MCD) is part of the Music City Tech conference, which is a three-day event consisting of simultaneous conferences which also includes Music City Code and Music City Agile.

Music City Data is a little different than your traditional database technology conferences, in that it focuses on the data platform as a whole, covering things such as big data trends, modern data management, business intelligence, machine learning, and many other data-oriented topics.


Music City Data is not a SQL Server specific conference! We have a range of topics for any data platform.  Sessions on Oracle, Postgres, Hadoop, MongoDB, CosmosDB, MySQL, NoSQL, and others are always welcome at MCD! We have topics on Containers, Machine Learning, Data Science & Analytics, Database Design, Performance Tuning, and more. This is a DATA conference, not a vendor specific conference.  I promise not to make fun of your DB platform if you won’t make fun of mine!

So, if you are in or around the Nashville area (or like to travel), I highly recommend you try to make it to Music City Data this year!

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