Fixing “Possible Date Calculation Spin For Schedule” Error

I recently ran into a strange error when trying to modify a SQL Agent job. This was an existing job that had been created a year or so ago, and I was attempting to update the schedule to make it run more frequently. The job called sp_whoisactive and stored the results in a table, and I was trying to get it to run every 10 seconds to help me track down another issue. But, when modifying the schedule I was greeted with the following error:

Warning [1]: Possible date calculation spin for Schedule xxx

Having never seen this error before, I started researching it and found that it used to show up some in SQL Server 7, 2000, and some in 2005 as well.  But I couldn’t find much mention of it appearing in later versions (I’m on SQL Server 2014).

Thankfully, the same fix for the earlier versions works for SQL Server 2014 as well.  The error seems to occur when you attempt to set a frequently occurring schedule to a job that has an older date as the start date.  In my case, I was modifying a job that had a start date of almost a year ago.

The fix was to simply change the start date of the job to the current date, and that allowed me to modify the job without error.


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